Altered States

Shaders built for Synesthesia

All of my shaders are built to run on the Synesthesia platform. If you need them to run on some other platform, I can look into making that happen, however, keep in mind that some functionality is sure to be lost.

Need Help Porting from Shadertoy?

If you see a shader on Shadertoy that you just must have but you're unable to make it work in Synesthesia, we can help with that.

Altered States

The Altered States fragment shader takes your video and mixes it with two other images (built-in) to create some really cool, and dazzling video effects. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from.  Or, your video can be combined with itself to create even more stunning effects. I'll leave it to you to discover how this is done. Enjoy!

Altered States in action


  • FREE for subscribers
  • Extensive control panel
  • Zoom feature
  • Full RGBa slider controls
  • Music interactivity for colors
  • Customizable background (images or videos)
  • Built-in backgrounds
  • Built-in foregrounds
  • Resizable BGs and FGs
  • Fade controls for BGs and FGs

Altered States

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