The following instructions are for all shaders purchased on this site. If you're having issues, use the form below to send a message using the form below.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

After downloading your shader, be sure to extract (unzip) the files to a location that you can easily find. (ie - desktop)  ** DO NOT TRY TO LOAD THE ZIP FILE. This will likely cause Synesthesia to crash. **

Step 2

Once files have been extracted, go to your Synesthesia dashboard.  In the upper-right, just below the preview port, click on the sign. This will take you to the "Import Synesthesia Scene" window.  Click on the magnifying glass to search for the scene to import, and once you find the folder that you just extracted, click the "load scene" button.

Step 3

Once your shader has loaded, you will see it working in the preview window.  **IMPORTANT** - Don't forget to click on the "create synScene in libary" button. This will add it to your custom scenes library area.

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